Digging up memory: suppressed objects during the dictatorship in Chile 1973–1990

There are many events linked to the coup of 1973 in Chile that are still unknown for most people. It is a past present whose protagonists for the most part are still alive, and who quite often keep stories that have never been told. Since the return to democracy in Chile, in the national media there has been a tendency to avoid testimonial memories about the violent events occurred at that time, since most of the media still belong to those who supported the dictatorship. The first school textbooks that addressed the coup of 1973 were published only in the year 2000 (Gazmuri 2013: 46). A study about history schoolbooks during the period 2002–2014 shows that the word dictatorship is avoided, replacing it with military regime, military government, or simply government (Fernández-Silva & Morgado 2018).